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Air Freight

FDI is one of few forwarders directly work with almost Airlines operating in Vietnam through bank guarantee contract. We have Airlines' stock AWB. And with our considerable yearly volume contribution, we are always able to get special favored rates for any route.


Perishable Goods

FDI is able to provide special service for perishable cargo such as fresh meat, seafood, fruit and vegetables, flowers and medicines,…

Dangerous Goods

Dangerous goods including chemicals, compressed gases, flammable liquids and toxic can be carried under special conditions of acceptance, packaging and labeling to comply with International Air Transport Association (IATA) regulations. FDI staff are educated and certified to thoroughly consult and correctly handle those special commodities.

Valuable and Vulnerable Cargo

Delicate goods such as cell phones, antiques, glassware and optical and medical instruments are treated with the greatest of care. High value cargo such as gold bullion, precious metals and works of art are held in special vaults to ensure maximum security. We are exclusive agent of G4S in Vietnam.



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